UTYESS, in conjunction with USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS), have developed an Independent Provider Extra-Curricular Lettering & Participation Recognition Program for clay target sports. 

  1. To offer high school athletic status to high school clay target sports.
  2. To extend sanctioned high school clay target sports beyond FFA and 4-H.
  3. To give clay target sport student athletes the same courtesy and empathy in academic considerations (excused absences and extended deadlines) which traditional high school athletes receive from faculty when events require them to leave school early, be tardy or absent.
  4. To recognize the accomplishments and time commitment of clay target sports student athletes with a varsity letter award to those who meet the requirements. Official high school athletic recognition is important to college applicants. The time demands of clay target sports often preclude student participation in much of the regular high school varsity sports programs.



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